About the Host


The Yukon Indian Hockey Association (YIHA) successfully bid to host the 2019 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships in March of 2018.

YIHA was created in 1973 to promote Aboriginal hockey for all ages and provide the opportunity for Yukon's First Nation athletes to compete with other Canadian provinces and territories in the sport. For more information on YIHA, visit their website.

Host Committee

A team of volunteers will assist YIHA in the organization and promotion of the 2019 NAHC.

Chair – Michelle Dawson-Beattie

Vice-Chair, Culture & Ceremonies – Rose Inglangasuk

Vice-Chair, Finance – Karen Lepine

Vice-Chair, Marketing – Echo Ross

Vice-Chair, Sport – Tara Wardle

Vice-Chair, Venues – Keri Rutherford

Vice-Chair, Volunteers – Courtney Wheelton


Karee Vallevand

Megan Cromarty

Chris Gleason

Lael Lund